Posted: September 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Being hired by Ubisoft Montreal is a tempting offer, but if at the same time you are offered another job in another game company, basically Montreal became the new capital of gaming. But at Ubisoft Montreal for less pay you dangled a bonus (you will not), a fitness room in the building (where you’ll never have time to go), working on a famous game (if is not canceled), to be paid a fixed amount regardless of the number of hours of work. Yes, the salary is not calculated according time and they do not give you the actual contract before your first day at Ubisoft Montreal. They give you an offer letter with the pay and the basics conditions, the real contract is known once it’s too late to turn back. If ever they offer you a letter of employment, refuse it and ask for the real contract, you will be surprised by the real conditions of the contract.


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