Legal immigrant

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

If you are not a Canadian or permanent resident, you will need a work permit to work at Ubisoft Montreal, of course they will make the steps to get it quickly and you can join the dream team of which you are the missing link (weakest link). In return you’re married with Ubisoft Montreal, since then you leave home, often your job, your family, you sell your house, liquidate your stuff. You come to Canada to have a brighter future, not really you come at Ubisoft Montreal . Then you are tied body and soul with Ubisoft Montreal, because you can only work for them, your health insurance depend on guess who? (Ubisoft Montreal), your social life for months, the gym is there, the sports activities are organized by company, the child care center is also managed by Ubisoft Montreal. So if they decides to divorce (fire you), you find yourself in a big mess where you become illegal in the country because you have no right to work and you should either leave the country or persuade another company to sponsor you.


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