Unpaid bonuses

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

As an employee in production (programmer, artist, designer, … on a game), you receive a bonus  around 20% of your annual salary, at least if the game reaches its sales goals set by someone of management. This premium is used to motivate employees to excel (overtime without flinching) and achieves a good game that will sell. But his involvement in the success or commercial success of a game is reduced when working in a team of 100 or 200 or 300 people around the world. In addition, a significant factor such as marketing should be taken into account especially that the game designers have no decision on it.
On the other sides, there are other attractive incentives:  bringing a friend to join Ubisoft Montreal, if one refers to and that he’s lucky to be part of Ubisoft Montreal, we are promised a quick check to the next payday. Subsequently, this is less rosy, the check fails and the person in charge do not understand (or pretend to). You need to move heaven and earth to see the color of it. An employee chased the human resources for over two months, and they ended up paying because he was on a key project already in overtime in recent months. You should also add that he will only receive half the promised sum, but good people do not work at Ubisoft Montreal for the money, they would work even free, thinks a lot of people, as if the employees of Ubisoft Montreal did not pay rent, do not eat, had no social life, had no family, in fact they have no need of money but Ubisoft needs it, to continue creating great games that will bring happiness to the world.


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