Assassins working hours

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Making great games has a price. I know some people on a project who worked from 10AM to 10PM for 3 months including week-ends to reach the (im)possible deadline. Because of the global economic crisis and bad results, the deadline of some games were scheduled earlier (cash first, good game later). After this hard-working period, there was no money compensation, no paid overtime. In the working contract at Ubisoft Montreal, there is no mention of working hours, and you’re paid an amount of money for a year, for an unknown time. But they compensate by another way, they give you extra holidays after the project is completed. You can have 1 month off, 2 or one week, depending on the overtime spent, in fact not really it depends on your producer, judging the necessary time needed for you to charge back your batteries. I can advise you to have a good relation with your producer.

It doesn’t sound that bad after all, since the time you spent you can have a lot of free time and even a great trip to travel the world. Except a few points, you lost a few months of your life during the crunch; you lived almost like an animal, only going home for having a shower or having a little sleep, you completely scarified your social life, you can also sacrifice your romantic life and even your family. You cannot repair what you broke in your free time; you can’t rebuild a social life for 2 months after scarifying it for months.

People in the gaming industry are getting older, sometimes they need to go home and taking care of their spouse or kids, one day a colleague was doing overtime for a long time and his wife was calling him to get back home because he didn’t see his child for 2 weeks. He went back home, he got an argue with his wife and got back at the job a few hours later in night !!


Why working for Ubisoft Montreal

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Every game developer on earth knows about Ubisoft Montreal Studio, you know the studio which made so great games such as Prince of Persia Sands of Time, Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed and…

Any aspirant or confirmed game developer would dream working at such a great place where they did game with cutting-edge technology and gorgeous graphics, they just lost the gameplay somewhere between Prince of Persia Sands of Time and Assassins Creed 1, but that’s not important, the games keep selling as well.

When you join the company, you fell like a special person, a unique human being, envied by many. Working on AAA worldwide famous games, doing great technology, letting your art talking by it-self, no limit to your creativity, and much more.

You know, there are other advantages, such as the fitness room in the building, discount in many restaurants and stores, free parties, free (junk food) dinner (??? overtime ???)…

…but everything has a price.

Ubi Free 2.0

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A long time ago, a company exploited its employees. The employees tried to organise themselves and used the Internet as tool for their fight, and they created Ubi Free.

A few years later Ubisoft is doing it again and then here comes Ubi Free 2.0.

Freedom has word its Ubi Free 2.0, be free (away) from Ubisoft Montreal.